Monday, March 29, 2004

Cinemaspoke Finalists Announced

Congrats to all the Cinemaspoke Finalists! Now that they've been announced, it's time to attend the readings. Each date will be held at HH Studios, 2500 Sutton in Maplewood at 7pm.

Tuesday April 27th
Mark Twain Returns- Val Teel
The Candle Room- Dan Bishop

Tuesday May 25th
Chasm- Jason J. Bollinger
Foreverland- Dan Bishop

Tuesday June 29th
Feeny's Bluff- Barrett L. Freeman
My Father's Father- Michael R. Pollard

Tuesday July 27th
Shirley- Daniel McGowan
The Secret of Carlsville- Joseph Haven III

Tuesday August 31st
Sir Roger Casement, Traitor- George L. Hickenlooper Sr.
The Christmas Computer- Sandra Olmsted

For more info on Cinemaspoke, CLICK HERE!

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