Tuesday, March 21, 2006


The Midwest Independent Film Festival is a monthly film event dedicated to showcasing emerging directors, powerful artistic visions and strong cinematic stories from the eight-state Midwest region. Every first Tuesday of the month at the Landmark Century Cinema in Chicago, IL, these exceptional films combine with an exciting social atmosphere and state-of-the-art screening venue to create one of the premier festivals in the Midwest.

For more information and to submit your film, please visit http://www.midwestfilm.com or contact Director of Programming Mike McNamara at mac@midwestfilm.com

On Tuesday, April 4, Bruce Terris's (Flying, Project Greenlight) critically acclaimed thriller Dirty Work will make its Festival Premiere as the Midwest Independent Film Festival presents the third installment of its 2006 season.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Remember seeing Guardian of the Realm at the St. Louis Filmmaker Showcase? Well, it will finally be making its way to DVD. Congrats to Ted, Wyatt and everyone involved. As you can see, the path from post-production to the shelf is often a very long journey. For these guys, it looks like the wait is almost over.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


James Gunn and company were kind enough to invite me out to the Slither screening at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in Chicago. I'm pretty charged up and ready to check things out. Joining me on my trip will be Captain Miq Smith. I regret not bringing Tracy along with me, but Miq and I have been waiting for this flick for quite a while. Slither hits theaters on March 31st.

Coming to DVD on Tuesday is Jenna Fischer's mockumentary Lollilove. Be sure to check it out! Even if you have already seen it, I still highly recommend that you pick it up. It is loaded with extras! Extras are good. Be sure to squint during the closing credits and look for my name. (I'm such a dork!)

For a full report on the Slither screening, check the 3/12/06 episode of Makeshift Majesty. For info, visit www.makeshiftmajesty.com.