Friday, May 11, 2007



I received this letter from Mark Biggs, Chair of the Missouri Film Commission:

Dear Friends,

I just learned from Jerry Jones, Director of the Missouri Film Office, that the jobs creation bill, House Bill 327, has passed the legislature and is headed to Governor Blunt with the full $10.5 dollars intact for the Film Production Tax Credit program.

Jerry is urging anyone who is interested and passionate about enhancing film production in the state through the Missouri Film Production Tax Credit program to contact the Governor in the coming week to let him know that you support HB 327.

This will be a terrific opportunity to enhance the business of filmmaking in Missouri. So, anything constructive that you, your colleagues and / or your film organization members can do to urge Governor Blunt to sign this bill would be useful and productive. We are very close to creating a whole new positive climate for film production in the state of Missouri and the resulting jobs creation and economic impact this will have on the state.

A special word of thanks to the Commission’s legislative members, Senators Norma Champion and Maida Coleman, and Representative Mike Sutherland is also in order. Be sure to thank them for their tireless support of this program and film production in Missouri. Your thanks should also be extended to Representative Ed Robb and Senator Jason Crowell – the sponsors of the original film production tax credit bills in the House and Senate. They have gone the extra mile to see to it that the film production tax credit recommendation have made it this far in the legislative process.

My personal thanks to all the Film Commissioners, to all the legislators, and to the Missouri Film Office for all the work involved in this effort this year.

Time now to call or email the Governor and let him know your position on HB327 and the film production tax credit program.


Mark Biggs
Chair, Missouri Film Commission

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