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WHAT IS THE STLMEDIAWIRE? The wire is a service that allows you to send and receive casting calls, crew calls, press releases, and other random bits of film/video information. It is free to subscribe to the wire. All you need to do is type in your e-mail address and click subscribe. does not own or moderate STLMEDIAWIRE. STLMEDIAWIRE is a new service that has taken on the effort to continue in the spirit of the original STLFILMWIRE.


The wire, founded by Adam Hackbarth in 2001, was created to allow you to send and receive casting calls, crew calls, press releases, and other random bits of St. Louis film-related information. Created prior to the sudden closing of the St. Louis Film Office, and the wire played a key role in filling that would-be void created by the absence of a city-based film office. Adam soon found himself on the phone with production companies from LA, Japan, Vancouver, TN, KS, and even Ireland, doing his best to help carry the torch.
The original list grew to over 700 members, but like all things, evolution must occur. KDHX so generously contacted Adam and offered to host the service on their server. Since joining KDHX and soon after Jay Kelley of DreamWelder took over as moderator, the wire experienced a growth of over 300 members, and with 1000+ subscribers on board, Mr. Kelley maintained a very steady ship. Then in August of 2008 Mr. Kelley had to reconfigure the wire as a Google Groups-supported service and redirect all original subscribers and encourage them to rejoin.

Yes! Look for even more growth to come! and STLMEDIAWIRE are separate entities.

If you have questions about the history of the wire or if you would like to submit articles, press releases, or bulletins to be posted on our blog, [CLICK HERE]

If you have questions about STLMEDIAWIRE, then [CLICK HERE]

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