Thursday, December 04, 2008

PRESS RELEASE: An Upside In Downturn

(St. Louis, MO: December 1st, 2008) Following several years of in-depth planning, St. Louis Cinematheque is poised to give a significant economic boost to the St. Louis regional arts community. The result of this two-year civic project will be a St. Louis region that competes head-on for jobs in the digital content market and offers more related jobs in the arts than ever before.

With the Regional Arts Commission as its Fiscal Sponsor, St. Louis Cinematheque has an ambitious yet conservative mission based on a fundamental premise: film (the only lasting medium able to contain all art forms), in the right context is a viable financial enterprise capable of delivering a sustainable economic surge.
The mission of St. Louis Cinematheque is to make St. Louis a go-to city for digital media production and related creative arts by employing the high calibre of creative professionals from here or currently practicing their craft here as visual, musical, digital, literary and performing artists. These creators along with our world class cultural institutions and host of businesses that support both non-profit and commercial creative services will, for the first time as a whole,
collaborate on a single project.

According to a World Association of Newspapers report, 50 percent of media consumption was digital in 2007. By 2010, that number will rise to 66 percent and to 80 percent by 2020. That 60 percent increase in digital-based media over a 10- year period along with the demand for original programming and the depth of St. Louis talent is a sound reason for St. Louis to invest time, talent and money in this growth-industry.

Made up of short films ranging from 15 seconds to three minutes long (156 minutes in total), St. Louis Cinematheque will result in an attention-getting digital film collection. Locally, beginning in 2010, three minutes of new film will appear each week on St. Louis Cinema’s 12 screens at The Moolah, Chase and Galleria theaters. By the end of 2010, St. Louis Cinematheque films will have reached more than one million in general audience attendance alone. The film collection will go on to help the St. Louis region advance its standings when compared with all the cities that compete to be on the short-list for original digital-media content and related
creative work.

Ultimately, proceeds from the project (DVD sales, merchandising, licensing etc.) will establish a fiscal sponsorship office for St. Louis—a funding mechanism that exists in every city St. Louis competes with as suppliers of creative services, talent and technology.

Look at any tough-times civic success story: it is not a matter of a person or a party magically triumphing over economic adversity. Rather, it is a matter of recognizing opportunity in adversity and coming together to seize that moment.
To find out more about how St. Louis Cinematheque wants to seize the moment for our creative professionals in the literary, performing and visual arts, filmmaking, music, digital-media, marketing and the industries that support them in the St. Louis region please visit:

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